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I am Stephanie Perkins and I am an Artist with Maskcara Beauty. I started wearing this makeup three years ago as a new mom and it changed my life! I was able to have a newborn baby and still have time to do my makeup and feel put together and pretty. Now I have two kids, a business, and have even less time. But everday I have 5 minutes free to do my beauty routine. I would love to help you get started with this amazing, easy, simple beauty!

All About Maskcara Beauty

Simplify & streamline your makeup routine with Maskcara Beauty. This is a 3D Foundation makeup that is so easy, anyone can do it! It all fits in one customizable, refillable compact! No more buying a compact and only using two of the colors in it then tossing it when its out! Cream makeup provides a dewy finish that gives a youthful glow! Its great for all skin types and ages. A natural second skin, filtered finish. 


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